From 40 CHF

Increase your client's confidence and take care of your talents!

Change the image of your company


Create a soothing and inspiring workplace thanks to our floral creations!

Floralia supports you in a team building approach to strengthen the commitment of your teams. 

Ensure the success of your business

Build customer loyalty with a sweet floral attention that will contribute to a relaxing atmosphere and will arouse their interest. Create attachement to your brand and ensure the well-being of your customers by choosing our subscription formula. 

Thank your customers and your collaborators 


There is always an opportunity to offer flowers. It's a timeless gesture which is so thoughtful that it will delight all personalities. It's important to maintain good relations with your customers and your collaborators. Floralia suggests to set up regular  bouquets or arrangements in the canton of Geneva that you can customize with your messages. 

Do you need inspiration for your projects ?


Floralia would be happy to help you! Do not hesitate to make an appointment.


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