How many red roses should you give?


Meaning of the number of Roses

There are many  color of roses such as white, pink, red, yellow, ...
You probably know that each color has a specific meaning but today i'm gonna tell you that the number of roses has also a signification and particularly regarding the red ones.

1 Rose


A single rose symbolises love at first sight.
You can choose to give a single rose on the first date or even in years to say like a song of Scorpions "I'm still loving you."

2 Roses


A bouquet of two roses is given to renew the declaration of love that has been made. But be sure of the feelings of your beloved because when they are joined together, the two roses mean "mutual love".

3 Roses


It symbolises the couple and their shared love. People give three roses to say "I love you" for the first time in the popular culture. It is the perfect present for your first Valentine's Day that will support your feelings.

6 Roses


Whether it's a school crush or a more mature passion, six roses symbolizes infatuation.

7, 9, 11 Roses


Each of these bouquets has a strong signification.

  • Send a bouquet of seven roses to say: "I'm crazy about you"
  • Send a bouquet of nine roses to say: "We'll be together forever"
  • Send a bouquet of eleven roses to say to your wife or your husband: "you're my everything"

10 Roses


Show that your love is a perfection with a bouquet of ten roses

12 or 24 Roses


A dozen of little cupids which say: "Be mine"
Two dozen of roses replace the guitar of Jason Mraz to say "I'm yours"

40 Roses


Valentine’s Day is the time for lovers to prove their sincere love.
A bouquet of 40 red roses reflects the greatness of your feelings.
It is a way to say: "my love for you is genuine."

101 Roses


101 roses would be ideal for Valentine’s Day. This somptuous bouquet expresses a passionate love.
A bouquet of 999 roses means "eternal and immortal love", but imagine for a second the size of it. You must be crazy-in-love to do it.

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